Here you have some selected work we did for various video formats. Because of licensing reasons, this video area is password protected. Either you already got one or just write us an email...



These are some examples of Audio Arrangements we exclusively did for our website. Hopefully they reflect that our passion and ongoing search for composition and sound goes beyond genres or zeitgeist - it is much more about finding the rightfully and unique audio experience for whatever is needed or wanted - whether it is for film, theatre, computer games, music production, advertising or whatever it is you are putting your effort in.

( All that you will hear was composed, recorded and personally hand polished here at STOEWEstudios )

the lush and lusty dreams of madame mirabélle

adventurous afternoon tea agency action

Atouro discovers the abandoned starship "Triad IV"

your distinguished dose of cybertarian steam

driving up to observatory crest

Audio for Games


For us contemporary Computer Games are one of the most complex and satisfying art forms that are out there ( if done right, of course ). That is why we are always very excited and proud to be part of that splendid art form, whether it is for big budget productions or little Indie games. We are constantly developing our knowledge on audio software for the gaming industry like Wwise, Fmod, Fabric and Miles Sound System.

Play Along Tracks


We are big fans of playing instruments - especially the Drum. As overwhelmingly beautiful it can be to play drums in a band - so frustratingly isolated it can feel to play it out just at home by yourself. That is why we are always fascinated by the idea of "Play Along Tracks" which are basically songs where only one instrument track is missing - so that you can fill that out. There are only very few good examples out there, where people give the same attention to these songs as to regular music production. That is why we created the series I AM A DRUMMER IN A BAND.